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Locked Out? Lost Your Keys?


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We know that accidents happen and you may lock your keys in your car or even lose your car keys, no matter where you live. But why pay the extra cost to get your car towed, just to then pay even more to get the problem fixed.

We know that you're anxious to get back on your way without having to break the bank. That's why at Jensen Locksmithing, with offices in Hurricane and La Verkin, Utah, we can get you back driving in your vehicle in a hurry and at an affordable price!

We are a mobile locksmith company, so we'll drive to you to help you out in these unfortunate situations. Our prices are affordable and we provide high quality service. Having expert locksmiths, with specialized tools, work on unlocking your car or cutting you a new key will insure you get back into your car quickly, safely and without damage to your vehicle.

  • Unlock your vehicle if you locked your keys in it
  • Create backup keys (highly recommended)
  • Program keys to your vehicle (if needed)
  • Cut new keys, if yours are lost or damaged
  • Program car remotes
  • Program proximity remotes
  • Cut high security car keys
  • Fix old or broken ignitions

Lost Key?

Did you get into your car only to find out that you lost your keys? Uh-Oh! But don't worry, Jensen Locksmithing can help you out with that too. We can cut new keys and program them, if needed, on the spot.
Jensen Locksmithing is a mobile locksmith company that covers St. George, Washington, Hurricane, Springdale, Zion National Park, and all of Washington County. We even serve outlying cities such as Colorado City, Fredonia, Kanab, and others. We can get to you and your car very quickly and get you taken care of and back on your way, and at a very affordable rate.

Locked Out of Your Car?

In this busy world it's easy to get distracted and close our car door locking the keys inside. No need to beat yourself up about it, it happens to everybody.
Get back in your quickly and affordably. Give Jensen Locksmithing a call. Our prompt and courteous technician will get to you quickly and get you back on the road in a hurry. Don't worry about having your car scratched or damaged. Our technician uses quality tools designed to unlock your car safely.
All this at a very competitive price!

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Why You Need a Spare Car Key

Do you only have one key for your vehicle? What if you lose that one? Don't take the chance of getting stranded without a key. We can help!
Most vehicles, especially model years 2000 and newer, have keys with electronic chips built in. These chips are programmed to 'talk' to your car and let it know this is a valid key and can start the car. The upside to these keys - much better security. The downside - they can be expensive! If you lose that last key, it adds a lot to the expense of producing a new key. You can save a lot by getting a spare key.
Our technician's van is fully equipped to make car key replacements or copies of car keys on site. Avoid the cost of towing and high dealership prices.

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