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Home lockouts are frustrating, and in most cases, they’re entirely avoidable. Having a spare key made and leaving it with a trusted neighbor or installing a lockbox outside of your home where a key can be safely stored are simple ways to avoid the panic and inconvenience of a lockout.

At Jensen Locksmithing, we specialize in providing a full array of locksmith services, including key duplication services. Our locksmiths have the tools and training necessary to provide high-quality keys that outperform keys that are created in self-service key cutting kiosks. We are certified, insured, and registered, and we are members of 1-800-Unlocks, Fair Trade Locksmith Directory, and NASTF.

Our qualifications make us uniquely capable of providing exception key duplicates that are accurate, affordable, and precise. 

It’s no wonder that customers consistently choose our keys when they need keys that are durable, long-lasting, and work without fail.

When you need car keys, house keys, boat keys, RV keys, antique or skeleton keys, do not duplicate keys, or high-security keys, please keep us in mind.

Key Duplication Tips From The Pros

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We use the latest key cutting equipment for precise cuts every time.

DO Keep at Least One Extra Key on Hand

Unless you regularly misplace your keys, you may not spend much time thinking about the importance of having a spare on hand. However, lockouts can happen to anyone. Having an extra key made now can save you a lot of frustration, time, and money in the future.

DON’T Make a Copy of a Copy of a Copy

To function properly, the keys need to be precise. Over time and after thousands of uses, the teeth and grooves of a key become worn down. A little bit of wear is acceptable; the key will usually still open the lock, even if a little bit of jiggling is necessary. However, when a copy of a worn key is made, the new key has all the same signs of wear as the old key, including worn blades, grooves, and teeth. If a copy of that key is made, the flaws in the previous generations of keys become permanent. That key’s life expectancy will be significantly shorter and after it’s worn down even a little, it won’t work for the lock.

DO Make Sure that the Correct Key Blank Is Used

Keys are typically made from brass or a brass-nickel alloy. Ensuring that your key is made from the correct material is important for ensuring accuracy. There are also countless different key blanks, including the Kwikset KW1, Schlage SC1, Best BE2, and Arrow AR1, just to name a few. An experienced locksmith chooses the right blank to ensure that the finished product is as close to the original as possible.

DON’T Use Key Cutting Kiosks

Key cutting kiosks have surged in popularity, and it’s easy to see why. They’re convenient and they’re easy to find in virtually any hardware store or grocery store. However, they are actually pretty expensive and there’s no guarantee that these machines are regularly calibrated or well-maintained over time, which directly impacts the quality of the keys they make. A locksmith’s key machine is carefully calibrated to ensure flawless cuts, so customers are guaranteed a key that works perfectly for their lock.

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At Jensen Locksmithing, we are a mobile locksmith that provides 24-hour service to the residents of La Verkin and the surrounding area. We can duplicate virtually any type of key, including desk keys, laser cut keys, antique keys, and skeleton keys. To learn more about our key duplication service for your home, RV, boat, or aircraft, contact us today.